Felony Franks is proud to work with the Rescue Foundation. Besides just hiring ex-offenders and giving a second chance, Felony Franks and Rescue Foundation believe that in order to be personally successful, extensive ongoing life training must be provided to staff in order for them to be successful. Profits from the hot dog stand will cover the costs of running the business and paying staff a fair wage. However, to accomplish the total Felony Franks and Rescue Foundation mission, extra funds must be raised for the Rescue Foundation who will be providing all the ongoing life training for Felony Franks staff. You can read about the entire program here.

Rescue Foundation’s Training Synopsis

  • Financial Planning and Management- Felony Franks staff will have access to financial management professionals who will help staff to create budgets for their personal finances. Additionally, sound financial practices including how to save and how to invest will be provided at no cost to the staff.
  • Goal Setting & Achieving- Felony Franks staff will be taught proven methods for setting and achieving personal and professional goals. This training will be provided by experts at no cost to the staff.
  • Leadership & Professionalism- Felony Franks staff will be trained in leadership and professionalism. Staff members will receive this training at no cost.
  • Mentoring- Personal and professional mentors are paramount to success. Felony Franks staff will have access to mentors who will be available to answer questions, teach, empower, inspire, and coach them on various aspects of their lives.

Here’s What We Need

  • Volunteers to help with mentoring, and training
  • Fundraising- we need your financial support, as well as your fundraising help.

Your Donation directly supports the training program that is offered free training for Felony Franks staff. We all know that the justice system isn’t perfect, and people returning from jail are in desperate need of help. The best way not to be a part of the problem is to be a part of the solution. Supporting Rescue Foundation is a giant step in the right direction. Please support our mission with a donation.

Rescue Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Foundation in the State of Illinois.

Want to Open Your Own Felony Franks? Let Us Know.

You can also mail a check to:

Rescue Foundation
6645 W. North Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302