Felony Franks is proud to offer meaningful work to those who are ex-offenders. Here is a common problem those with criminal records encounter in the workplace:

Problem- Person commits a crime, is convicted, sentenced, and goes to prison. Upon completion of a prison term, this person’s debt to society through our penal system should be considered paid. However, most job applications ask about arrests and convictions. Answering truthfully excludes millions of ex-offenders the opportunity to get meaningful work. Once in a position, others are excluded from getting promotions because of background checks. Ultimately, despite paying a debt to society, having a felony conviction in the workplace is like having a life sentence.

Solution- Felony Franks believes that once a person has paid their debt to society after being convicted of a crime, that he or she should have the same rights and opportunities as others. Careers at Felony Franks are based on job performance, attitude, and dedication. We are more interested in where people are going in life rather than where they have been.

Problem- Ex-offenders are often times relegated to minimum-wage pay and have very little opportunity to move up. As a result, ex-offenders many times seek out two, sometimes three jobs just to make ends meet. This causes stress, exhaustion, possibly leading to injury or illness.

Solution- Felony Franks wants its team members to put in a fair week of work for fair pay. Felony Franks wants its team members to find time in the week to relax, enjoy life, and recharge their batteries like most people. This ethic requires higher pay, which can be made possible by lower profits and slightly higher prices.

Problem- Ex-offenders are often discriminated against and even verbally abused because of the stigma attached to having a criminal record. In some workplaces ex-offenders are made to feel like second class citizens who are not trustworthy.

Solution- Felony Franks treats all employees and customers as equals, with dignity and respect as all people should be treated.