Misdemeanor Wiener- The ultimate Chicago Style hot dog!
Veggy Dog- Finest quality organic vegetarian hot dog frank. NEW
Char-Broiled Polish Sausage
Italian Job-
 Italian Sausage- Our recipe and specifications. It is made from very lean pork from a reputable farm.
Big House Beef- Italian Beef- This beef is an all natural beef product and very lean.
Cell Mates- Italian Beef & Sausage Combo
Breakout Steakburgers- only prime cuts of steak are used for this 1/3lb burger.
Turkey Burger- Lean, juicy, and tasty, this jail bird is fantastic. NEW
Top grade beef and lamb gyros. It’s pronounced YEE-dose! NEW
Meatball Sandwich- three awesome meatballs covered with Marinara, served on French bread.
The Greek- Salad- not just the obligatory veggy menu item, it’s great. Imported Feta.
Felony Fries- Fresh & Hand Cut- See how me make them here


Pop- Pepsi Products: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, SOBE Life Water, Dole Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush
Milk Shakes- Incredible Shakes- we use a premium 6% milk fat product that is rich and creamy. We have seasonal flavors as well.
Coffee- We proudly serve Big Shoulders Coffee which is USDA Organic and Fair Trade.
Tea- Mightly Leaf organic tea bags. Your choice of 8 different flavors!
Iced Tea- Choose from sweetened or regular iced tea, brewed fresh on location every day.