Felony Franks is a community-driven small business. We believe in working with local organizations, businesses, places of worship, schools, etc., to build long lasting symbiotic relationships. Felony Franks regularly hosts fundraisers. Since advertising and bringing in new customers costs money, we would rather that money be spent with location organizations and businesses who promote Felony Franks. So here’s how it works:

  1. We print business card sized “Fundraising Cards” for your account. We cover the cost of printing the cards.
  2. You distribute the cards to your audience, congregations, members, families, and supporters.
  3. Those people eat at Felony Franks and present their card at the register. We write down the date and amount they spent. Then we database the numbers and create a page for you to track the fundraiser.
  4. We then hand a new card to the person at the register so that when they return the fundraiser is ongoing.
  5. Once per month we cut you a check for 10% of all the money brought in from the fundraising cards.

It’s a Win-Win for all of us. Felony Franks brings in new customers, and since your people are going to eat somewhere, when they eat here it helps your organization raise money!

If you are interested in this program please fill out this short form and someone will reach out to you shortly: